Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Look Back {2013 Edition}

I shared on Twitter & Instagram my top 2013 moments and thought I would recap my year on my blog, too!

Who's ready??


          • Passion 2013 - Even though I was super sick with the flu, I still had a great time worshipping Jesus with some sweet friends of mine.

         • Snow!


         • When I Played the Paparazzi  - one of my favorite highlights of the year. {Side note: Any guy that wishes to propose to me, must not only talk to my dad, but also Justin.}


        • Wanted: Husband who can Cook - the title says it all.
        • Secret Church 2013 -

"If we are going to be excited about anything, shouldn't be our spiritual lives? Is there anything more inspiring, more exciting, more lovable and desirable in Heaven or on Earth than the Gospel of Jesus Christ? We should be utterly humbled that we are not more emotionally affected than we are." 
–– Jonathan Edwards


         • Nothing to report here. It was the month I was scrambling to finish Highschool.


        • After 13 years, I graduated on Cinco de Mayo.

        • National Convention 2013 - loved the people, small group , & public speaking!

June & July:

       • I recommended relationship books to Disney Princesses.
       • I turned 19.

       • I shared 25 Random Facts About Myself.


       • I told people Why I don't have a Best Friend - by far the post with the most hits in the past year.

       • I surprised my friend for her birthday.

       • I shared How to Stop Playing the Game of Comparison

       • I told Real Truths about myself - Let me know if you want an encore!

September & October:

       • My friend moved across the world - Update: She's coming back for a couple of months. 

       • I shared my view on Relationships with Guys - Part 1, 2, & 3


       • I confessed to committing emotional adultery.

       • Thanksgiving 2013


      • I had 4 people Guest Post/Collab with me - Allison, Kelli, Waverly, & Robin.

      • I made a decision that affected my future - currently seeking God on what to do next.

      • I shared my heart on why Social Media is important to Christians.

2013 was a year that taught me several lessons and allowed me to grow in my relationship with Christ and develop friendships that have blessed me over the past year! I look forward to what the LORD has in store for me in 2014!

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