Friday, April 13, 2012

'Cause Today I Swear I'm Not Blogging Anything.

Story of my life, y'all.


Honestly, I have SOOO many posts to, ummm, post. But I haven't had the time(!!) which is extremely frustrating... so, I thought I would surface for a bit to recap what has happened since I blogged last.

1. Spring Break

Where do I start? 

{Note: I have a whole post dedicated to the St. Patricks Day Parade in Savanna. It was crazy.}

2. Starbucks 

Yeah, yeah, I just mentioned it in my last point, but bear with me here... 

I usually stop by a particular Starbucks each Wednesday for a mid-day/week treat. A couple of weeks ago, I ordered this. But, the barista asked if she could put a little bit of raspberry syrup in it.....

try it next time! :) 

3. Secret Church

What can I say? It never ceases to disappoint me! :) 

I spent the night next to these lovely ladies....

and these awesome college/military people! 

(You'll have to forgive me, Kelsie, for taking the photo!) 

4. Steak 

That's what we had for Easter Lunch. :) 

{insert amazing picture of a steak that I forgot to photograph because it was so good} 

5. Southern Food. 

So, apparently, Brandon had NEVER been to Cracker Barrel. like never, y'all. So, we took him. :)

(We actually showed this ^ to him the night before which led to us to having breakfast there the next morning.)

(Brandon's the guy in the middle holding the coffee. :) )

And that about sums it up, y'all.

I'll be back regularly on the blog here shortly. That is, if I don't die from the ACT tomorrow. ;) 

{Note: I don't swear, 
its just a song from Bruno Mars 
that was stuck inside my head 
and I just changed one word.}