Wednesday, March 5, 2014

TeenPact Alabama I {Staff Team}

Can I just say I had the best staff team ever?

From the warm hugs to the encouraging words, I was beyond blessed this past week with wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ.

 Ben, Me, Hannah, Grayson, Sierra, Sarah, Christian, & Zach. 
{Side note: WHY do I have my name tag on?? *facepalm*}

 I loved working with these wonderful, talented ladies….

and the guys weren't too shabby either. ;) 

I thoroughly enjoyed leading a committee + the lobbyist field experience with this girl. 
Sierra encouraged & challenged me to step out of my comfort zone even more.  

I loved leading Rendezvous alongside this girl, having deep conversations with her first thing in the morning, and navigating downtown "McGomery" with her.  

I didn't get a picture with Sarah but I enjoyed working with her, too. She gave me insight before the class on what to expect. I'm so grateful for the advice, otherwise I wouldn't have been as prepared! 

I also didn't get a picture with Christian, but I enjoyed leading the One Day Alumni Track and clerking with him. He has such a fun personality and is always willing to go the extra mile! 

I did manage to take a selfie with Zach on the first day. He was my road trip buddy and co-committee leader for the One Day Class!

I didn't serve with Ben or Grayson that much, but they still did a fabulous job serving this past week!

Us trying to take a serious picture… 

Did I mention we also played Dart Wars? 

...and took selfies with our victims. 

That victory over Christian was short lived when he darted me and the rest of us a few minutes later… 

We even played the game over text… 

All in all, I enjoyed serving alongside these wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ. They encouraged, challenged, & inspired me and never failed to make me laugh!

photo credit: the waitress and ben's phone

Thanks y'all for a wonderful week!