Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Trivia & Tag

Can y'all believe Christmas is 2 days away??

Time sure does fly, am I right?

Well, to help you get in the Christmas spirit, if you aren't already (which how can you NOT be??), my friend Robin and I filmed a couple of videos that tested our Holiday trivia.

Here's the link to Robin's video!

Robin also tagged me in her Blogmas post and so, being the good sport that I am, I decided to participate in it….

Holly Jolly Tag(ish)

1. Do you have an embarrassing family Christmas picture? 

Probably somewhere…It's not like I'm going to show you anytime soon, though. ;) 

2. Have you ever had a White Christmas? 

Actually, yes! It happened 3 years ago. You can read all about my first White Christmas here. Honestly, this was probably my favorite Christmas ever. 

3. Where do you spend Christmas Day? 

At home with my family. It's a nice, simple, and quiet day. 

4. Do you open any gifts on Christmas Eve? 

My parents open their gifts from me and my brother and then me and Jason exchange gifts. My parents save their gifts to us for Christmas morning. 

5. Can you name all of Santa's Reindeer? 


6. What do you look forward to the most for Christmas? 

Food, family, and the celebration of Christ's birth! 

7. Do you have a real or fake Christmas Tree? 

Fake. My parents like to save money so we've had the same Christmas Tree for 21 years. I'm not even kidding y'all.

8. Do you enjoy giving gifts or receiving them more? 

I love to give gifts and see people's reaction when they receive them. 

9. Where would you like to visit for the Holidays? 

NYC. Boston. London. 

10. Are you good at gift wrapping? 

It all depends on what I'm wrapping. ;)
{Side note: Gift bags are the best invention.} 

11. What's your favorite Christmas memory? 

My favorite Christmas memory was when my uncle was still alive. He and my aunt would spend Christmas Eve & half of Christmas Day with us. My uncle would read the Polar Express to us on Christmas Eve and tell me and my brother that if we didn't hear the bell, we wouldn't get any gifts the next day. ;)

It was really sad when he became sick about 8 months before Christmas one year. He was too sick to travel to Alabama and ended up passing away a couple of months after Christmas. The memory still lives on and I have the hope that I will see him in heaven one day!

I hope y'all have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! 

I'll be back next week to share my Christmas adventures with y'all! 

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