The Girl behind the Blog


My name's Giann and this is my corner of the blog world.

I'm a sassy, southern woman who loves Jesus and isn't afraid of a challenge.

I'm also a huge fan of lattes and laughter, preferably together and in that order.

I believe in the power of social media.

I believe in traveling to different places. {I've been out of the country 6 different times.}

I believe in having deep conversations with people about life and the Word of God.

I came to believe in the sanctity of life. {Yes, I'm a former pro-choicer turned passionate pro-lifer. You can read part one, two, and three of my story.}

I believe that it is important to train young people to be leaders and to be educated about our government.

I believe in friendship. Some near, some far, we're all still great friends.

Lastly, I believe in family.

I have learned that family isn't just by blood, but the people that accept you for who you are. 

I blog because I want to. I just enjoy sharing what the LORD is teaching me or about my life in general.

You are more than welcome to follow me and my many adventures! 

I also appreciate comments/thoughts about my posts and/or questions you may have for me!

Thanks for checking out my blog! :)


Sarah Elrod said...

I just stalked your entire blog, and you are seriously SO cute. That is all :)

Anonymous said...

Hey. G, I just posted a comment. I'm sure you probably moderate those comments. I forgot to sign my name and I may have forgotten to but up my Blogger address in case anyone wants to check it out so... .
Love you Girlie! Write on, it is good for the soul.
Mrs. Lori - Aka the mother of your other siblings :)