Sunday, November 8, 2015

So Much For A Comeback...

So, this post is LONG overdue.

It's like that library book you forgot about and found YEARS later.


Anyway, I thought I would give you an update on my life before disappearing for a month. (More on that later).

1. My last post discussed the book "Girl Meets Change" or how I legit cried for the first time on an airplane.

Two months later and those truths are still fresh in my mind.

This book will definitely stay in my "must read" pile for awhile.

2. I was also supposed to publish a post about Jeff Bethke's new book, "It's Not What You Think" but never did. Here's why.

As I was reading through chapter five of the book, I was instantly convicted.  

"If we aren't sabbathing, the question is, are we free? Or are we slaves to performance, to our phones, to being needed, to being in the know, to pleasure, to addiction?
The day is a gift. It's a filling. It's not a burden or legality meant to be technically obeyed.
When we honor Sabbath, we are pointing to the future when that will be true forever. Every moment will be a Sabbath moment in the restoration of all things." 

Ya'll. I've never truly "sabbath-ed."

Since I can't go completely without my phone due to school and work, I've decided to give up social media for a month.

Social media is noisy and most of the time, I get lost in it.

It's also taken up waaayyy too much of my time.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE social media and desire to be a social media marketer one day!

But, for right now, I NEED a break.

Which leads me to my next point...

3. If you still want to keep up with me, download Beme.

Don't know what Beme is? Here's a quick introduction...

{yes, they sent me a free t-shirt!} 

You can follow me on Beme here:

I know what you're thinking... Isn't that social media as well?

Yes, but it's unedited and there's no such thing as likes/comments or a way to know who exactly watches your Bemes.

4. For those of you who don't know, my family has taken quite a hit this year. I'm currently the only non-injured family member who is holding up the fort. (our Christmas card is going to be so great this year.) If you're still looking for ways to help, feel free to message me!

5. This is still my life...

As much as I love getting paid to be a soccer mom, I desire to explore more opportunities in my degree field - Marketing. If you know of any paid internships, feel free to message me! (note: they don't have to be in The South.) 

6. Finally, I plan to update you in another post about my current life plans. For now, I plan to pursue Union University in Jackson, TN. I can't wait to share what's happened since this post!

I hope you enjoy your week! I know I will!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

When Girl Meets Change (no, this isn't about your body)

oh, Change.

I hate that word. I really do.

To me, it means that something is coming that I don't like.

I've never dealt with change well.

For the longest time, I didn't know how to properly handle it.

I mean, I loved change when it was my idea. But, I hated it when it wasn't.

And that's how I've lived for the past 21 years.

I knew I needed help because Change and I are Frenemies. (seriously. take this quiz to see what your relationship with change looks like!)

I mean, how am I supposed to accept and believe that change is good? 

I came to realize that Change will always happen.

I can't stop it; I can only accept it, believe it is for my good and His glory, and then live through it.

* * * *

Sometime in June, I saw a tweet about becoming a part of Kristen Strong's launch team for her new book, Girl Meets Change.

I applied and was accepted!

To say I was overjoyed, is an understatement. I really thought this book would be perfect for me in my current season of life. I even tweeted that to her.

When I received my Advanced Reader's copy of the book in the mail, I decided to save it and read it on the plane to Oregon.

Big mistake.

I couldn't even get through the Introduction without crying. Seriously.

Just listen to the last paragraph in the Introduction.

"All I know is that the Giver of all good things wouldn't allow you to be in your current environment today unless it brings you to a better tomorrow. If something is happening that you never fathomed–then God is working out something unfathomably good for you and in you. You may not be able to fill in all the puzzle pieces or connect all the dots, but together we can trust God with the parts we don't see. Together, we can trust God to turn our feelings of hope gone to hope dawn. Together, we can believe that if he's asking us to plant a stake in new ground, he wants us to pack the same promise he gave to Abram: 

"I will bless you."'

Y'all, change is hard sometimes.

But, as I cried my way read through the book, I learned that it doesn't have to be that way.

I mean, change will be hard, but there is a way to thrive through it.

"When we combine our prayers with Scripture, we hold a concoction that not only fights off the hand-wringing but blows the enemy right off the map."

"The more we live in Christ, the more we not only better thrive amidst unlovely people but better thrive amidst un-lovely, changing circumstances too. Both Joseph and Esther lived this. We can imitate Joseph by trusting God and loving the people in our circle of influence where we can, when we can. We can imitate Esther by trusting God to hold us close even as we walk far outside our comfort zones." 

I highly recommend this book if you're experiencing change in your life.

I can honestly take the truths I learned through this book and apply them to my life.

The book debuts on Tuesday, September 15th but you can pre-order it here!

{Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated to write this post. I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review and promotion on social media.}

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Removing the Good Girl Image

here's a link to this fantastic article I read recently.

"Sure, my behavior screams “good girl.” But my deceitful heart whispers “jealousy, pride, envy, hate, anger, bitterness, greed.” It’s not a pretty picture. And a wrestling match has begun in me. Suddenly I’m painfully aware of my desperate need for grace. 

Here's the truth: there are no good girls. The Bible tells us no one is good except God alone (Rom. 3:10). The achievements, accomplishments, and attitudes we polish up squeaky clean are destined to looking like filthy rags next to his blinding holiness (Isa. 64:6)."

because here's the deal: to a lot of people I am perceived as a "good girl." 

I know because you tell me – even a person I had only known for three weeks. 

Our conversation went a little like this... 

"because you're a good girl."

"that's how you perceive me?" 

"yes, very much so."

I just sat there and basically told them that I'm in need of grace just as much as the next person. I didn't want them to put me on a pedestal. 

I want people to know that I still sin, I still have my struggles, and I still fail every_single_day

No, I haven't done anything wild or crazy, but I still struggle with pride, anger, jealously and the like. 

so, please. please realize, even though I put off a "good girl" vibe sometimes, that doesn't mean I'm perfect. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

6 Months of Silence

Dear Reader(s),

So, you're probably wondering what happened to this blog and why I haven't posted anything in 6/7 months. (or maybe you're not because idk who reads this anymore.)

Well, I would like to tell you that it's because I was on a secret mission to some remote island in the South Pacific...

...or I'm actually one of the members of Daft Punk and we've just had a crazy busy schedule...

...or that I decided to backpack through Europe to find myself...

But none of those things are true because, well, I also have an instagram and twitter account, in case you haven't noticed. ;)

Basically, I've just felt the need to "shut up and sit down" lately. 

(yes, I did just make a Princess Diaries 1 reference.)

I'm almost 21 and somewhere during my 20th year of life, I just realized how incredibly "un-all-knowing" I am.

Shocker, I know.

I still have a lot learn and I needed to stop acting like I had my life together and needed to give all of this advice stuff that sometimes people my age do.

So, I really haven't said anything.

Instead, I've been gathering information.

I mean, I don't want to be that girl who gives out relationship/life advice like it's candy, but has never had a boyfriend and still lives with her parents. (I used to do that. It's weird.)

So, yeah.

My life has been insanely busy (at times) and I really haven't taken the time to write about it like I should.

I enjoy blogging, I really do.

After all, it was my first love.

(throwback to one of my first blogger profile pictures... 
13 year old Giann. Don't you just love the barrette? 

(I think I was like 15/16 in this one. 
I really haven't changed *that* much. also, I miss that shirt.) 

If and when I come back*, I promise not to bore you or make you feel less of a person.

I just want to make people laugh and share my semi-exciting life with y'all. :)

Until next time,


*Don't count on a weekly/daily post.