Sunday, July 22, 2012

Listening and Reflecting

Well, New York was amazing, incredible, life-changing, unforgettable, etc. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'll be back soon. very soon. [smile]

The memories that I will never forget.....

  • Teaching someone who didn't know a lick of English.

  • Seeing my teammate help a little boy.
  • Ministering to people through my henna tattoo

  • Praying with a lady from Europe outside a restaurant
  • Running through the streets of New York City after the fireworks show.
  • Having a passionate conversation about the state of our country with Kelly, Chris, Mark, and Gabe.
  • Eating Chipotle for the first time! yum! 

  • Going to Rainbow Bakery.
  • Grand Central Station 

  • Ordering almost the exact same thing at Starbucks. 

  • Crying/Hurting on behalf of the people in the Hindu/Sikh temples we visited. 
  • Hurting for the millions of lost souls in New York City
  • Praying for my brothers-in-Christ purity as we walked around Times Square
  • Riding the subway 
  • Falling asleep on the subway
{photo credit: Mrs. Julia T.}
  • Finding out I'm not alone in a particular struggle I'm dealing with currently.
  • Reuniting with Jojo
  • Meeting Donielle, Ben, Will, Gabe, Kristen, Kelly, Mrs. Camille, Adam, Erin, and Shannon.
  • The bromance between Mark and Chris

  • Mark using his belt as a leash
  • Hyper active asian girl named "Grace". 

  • My little 8 year old ESL student
  • Vlogging with Crystan and Abby
  • Eating McDonalds for the first time in YEARS.

  • Trying a strange Indian dish
  • Watching an intense game of checkers in the airport
  • Going to bed late and waking up early
  • Metting a little girl who had henna done
  • Tiffany's

  • Reading the Word/Praying in the early morning
  • Eating poptarts for breakfast
  • Trying a Gyro from a street cart. 

  • The LORD giving me 2 Cor. 3-4:6 as the theme for the week
  • The gospel presentation Mr. Mark shared on the last day
  • Listening to the kids guess my age
  • Watching a New York Sunset. 

I'll continue to add more as I remember them.... :) 

Sorry for the low quality of my pictures! Jessa (My DSLR) couldn't fit in my suitcase! :(