Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas {A Month Later}

I'm pretty sure that I am the worst blogger in the world because I totally missed Christmas. Well, on the blog at least. Why don't you take a trip with me down memory lane for a brief visit to the holidays...{It should be noted that we finally took down our Christmas Tree today. So, yeah.}

This year, my family and I decided to spend the few days before Christmas in the Homeland. It was a lovely time fellowshipping with family on both sides!

Also, after an intense game of Taboo, the guys won and had a victory dance.

Christmas Eve and Morning we spent as family in the comfort of our own home. {This has probably been my most relaxing Christmas yet!}

I received quite a few gifts from the parents which included but not limited to three books, an iPhone Camera Lens and a Keurig. {Let's be honest here, they really only bought the Kuerig for themselves! But isn't that a parent advantage?}

Anyway, my brother had his fair share of lavish gifts too. He found in his stocking two little containers of spices that were quite appropriately named.

"Punch Ya Daddy" and "Slap Ya Mama." 

Soooo, that was our Christmas. How was yours?

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