Sunday, February 10, 2013

The {De}Fault in My Brain

{Part 1 and 2.}

When you repeat a certain phrase or idea in your head, it eventually sticks with you. It becomes a default setting. Well, the default setting in my brain still wanted me to believe that abortion was okay before 12 weeks. I was still trying to adjust the settings I had set in stone when I went to a special screening of the movie, "October Baby."

I was there for a school assignment + this-is-a-local-prolife-film-so-i'm-going-to-support-it.

The premise of the movie is about a girl named Hannah who finds out she is adopted after a failed abortion attempt. She then, along with her friend Jason, sets out to find her birth mother.

Here's the trailer for the movie so you get a picture of what I'm talking about.

Well, I cried more than I ever have. The movie impacted my life in numerous ways. The default setting had finally changed. No longer was I trying to convince my brain to change its mind, it just happened. So, I saw it opening weekend and the weekend after Easter.  {smile}  

This video shares a story that made me cry like a baby. Y'all, the scene she talks about towards the end is so powerful!

And that concludes my story of how I became pro-life. It wasn't an easy journey. But, I'm so thankful the LORD led me through it.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to drop me an email! { mylifeunscripted1 (at) gmail (dot) com } I'll be happy to answer them! :)

*Note: Whether you support abortion or not, I encourage you to check out this article.

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