Sunday, August 2, 2015

Removing the Good Girl Image

here's a link to this fantastic article I read recently.

"Sure, my behavior screams “good girl.” But my deceitful heart whispers “jealousy, pride, envy, hate, anger, bitterness, greed.” It’s not a pretty picture. And a wrestling match has begun in me. Suddenly I’m painfully aware of my desperate need for grace. 

Here's the truth: there are no good girls. The Bible tells us no one is good except God alone (Rom. 3:10). The achievements, accomplishments, and attitudes we polish up squeaky clean are destined to looking like filthy rags next to his blinding holiness (Isa. 64:6)."

because here's the deal: to a lot of people I am perceived as a "good girl." 

I know because you tell me – even a person I had only known for three weeks. 

Our conversation went a little like this... 

"because you're a good girl."

"that's how you perceive me?" 

"yes, very much so."

I just sat there and basically told them that I'm in need of grace just as much as the next person. I didn't want them to put me on a pedestal. 

I want people to know that I still sin, I still have my struggles, and I still fail every_single_day

No, I haven't done anything wild or crazy, but I still struggle with pride, anger, jealously and the like. 

so, please. please realize, even though I put off a "good girl" vibe sometimes, that doesn't mean I'm perfect. 

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