Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving {2012 Edition}

So, last week was Thanksgiving and a short break. I arrived back home on Saturday evening and thus began a stress filled three {tiring} days. Now, I'm finally posting about this national holiday a week later. *sigh* {Better late than never, right?}

Anyway, my family and I decided to head to Nashville with some extremely close family friends of ours for Thanksgiving. We totally ditched our blood-related family to spend time with people who we like to call our "adopted family." We have known them for 13 {long} years! {And considering we have spent the last two Thanksgiving's together, why not celebrate it again with them this year?!}

Of course, traveling on Thanksgiving meant that the only place open was Cracker Barrel.

Thank you Cracker Barrel for the delicious, traditional holiday meal. And the biscuits. {which I totally took as a snack for the road. =O}

That night, both families enjoyed the delicious food {including the cheesecake} at the Cascades restaurant in the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

{in case you were wondering, it was totally worth the calories!}

And yes, I took individual photos with all three of my siblings! :) 

I am so grateful for all of them! 

We also stopped by Greece to visit the Parthenon. ;) 

And, I scored some fancy new boots {via Black Friday} which I wore to the Grand Ole Opry!

Oh, did I mention LSU played Arkansas the day after Thanksgiving? A tense game right there...

My Arkansas friend and I were going back and forth the entire game...Both of us did not expect it to be *that* close!

His score prediction: "45-10 lsu :) haha.."

His final thoughts on the game: "Dang that was close..."

Yeah, we pretty much had the same expectations at the beginning of the game and the same reactions at the end of the game. I ended up downloading the ESPN App and watching it right there in the restaurant. Yeah, I take my college football seriously.

{And this is the part of the post where y'all say a prayer for my future husband. Because, honestly, he's marrying a crazy college football wife. Bless him.}

Also, if you're unfamiliar with the LSU/ARK rivalry, you can read more about it here. It's insane. But, not as crazy as Alabama/Auburn. ;)

So, that was my Thanksgiving weekend. How was your's?

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