Friday, November 23, 2012

¡Friday Favorites!

So, I thought I would start a feature on my blog every friday listing my top five favorites from my life.

{How does that sound? =O}

Here they are in no particular order...

1) Flash Mob for Freedom

This was an event created by a local organization here in Birmingham, The Wellhouse. They are a 24/7 shelter for girls who are in the sex trafficking industry. They have rescued over 50 girls since opening in January 2011! {Praise the LORD!} Please watch this video and share it with your friends!

{Their goal is 60, 000 views, but I think we can do more than that!} Spread the Word!

2) Dez Duron

Yes, I've been captivated not only by this guy's charming looks, but also his voice! Not to mention, he's from my hometown! Crazy, right?  I love the twist he's put to the songs he has performed on The Voice this season.

Here are a couple of my favorite performances, so far...
{That's right, ladies and gentleman, this man was voted into the Top 8! Go Dez!}

It should also be noted, that he has a heart for Christ. He openly talked about God and how God directs our steps during one of his Ustream chats. He even quoted Romans 8:28! {Bonus points, anyone?}

3) Left-Handed Toons. This site is so crazy yet extremely hilarious. Well, only if you get this type of humor. My friends and I have been going back and forth all week, posting different cartoons to each other's wall.

Here's a current favorite of mine:

4) Ellen Degeneres. This video made me cry. Also, this is the sole reason I watch the show. I love these segments too much! *brb crying*

5) Last but not least, I discovered a new blog! {Yay, go me! Not really, lol}

Touch of Serendipity

Y'all, this girl is so precious! And she and her husband make one of the THE cutest couples, too! Better yet, I know her sister-in-law, her husband's sister. So, we're like almost friends. ;) Click on the link above and show her some love!


Well, that ends this weeks Friday Favorites! I'll be back next week with more of my favorite things! :)

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rach. said...

i love this, and love the blog girl. keep it up! can't wait to read more!

love, rach.