Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The End & The Beginning

Today I finished my junior year and started my senior year. Its hard to believe this time has come. Honestly, it hasn't sunken in yet. But, I'm excited about what's in store for the future! (and scared at the same time. I just prefer not to think about it. :) ) Since I have been absent from the blog lately because of the mounds of schoolwork, I thought I would recap the last few weeks using bullets and pictures... :)

  • Starbucks has become my second home this year as evidenced by the plethora of photos I have taken of their products. 

Exhibit A:

p.s. the cranberry-orange scone is my favorite along with the Passion Tea Lemonade! :) (I know that's not what's pictured, but I thought I would let you know! :) )

  • Green Smoothies have become a staple of my diet. I think because they are super easy to make and super healthy at the same time. :) 
Blend your favorite frozen fruit along with a handful of spinach. :) 

  • Two of my favorite people from Back to DC are running in the elections for TeenPact National Convention. I can't wait! Its less than a week away. 

  • Trig Homework almost killed me. 

  • Larabars have also become a staple. 

  • I learned how to play baseball without a ball. 
  • My brother owned me in emoticon wars. 

  • He also reached a milestone with his little sister. 

  • Me, my sister, and brother all tried an item from Starbucks' Secret Menu. 

  • I got to hangout with the Gravis Family and one of the cousins. 

So, that's the last few weeks of my junior year. I have been blessed beyond belief with so many things this year! I am forever grateful for the friendships, the ups and downs, and the memories!

Here's to the next adventure! :) 

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Rachel said...

Clearly, your brother rocks.

And, congratulations on being a Senior!!