Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Where There Are No Words

I've sat here and typed and re-typed trying to share how the LORD has been working in my life lately.

And I can honestly say, I have no words.

Not because He's not working, but because He is.

I just can't articulate all that God has done over the past few months since last November in one blog post.

The many times I have cried out to God, questioned His plans, and searched the Word looking for answers can't be explained in a few simple paragraphs on the internet.

I'm not in a season of waiting like last summer, (which I think was partly due to my disobedience. But that's a different story for another time), but a season of preparation.

I firmly believe the LORD is leading me somewhere and I have to trust that His plans are true, righteous, and unwavering. 

I may have to walk on roads that don't necessarily make sense in that moment, but at the end will. 

Throughout this season of life, I have learned so much about God and His character that I know I wouldn't have if I had chosen to go my own way. I am so thankful for this journey I'm on right now even though it hasn't been easy.

Maybe I'll share more later and tell y'all exactly what the LORD is doing in my life. But, for now, know that I am trusting the LORD – following Him wherever He leads – every step of the way.

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