Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When Life Hands You Lemons

{I came across this post I wrote a couple of months ago, but never published. I hope you enjoy it even though it's almost pointless now.}

I'm going to be upfront with you. Today has not been my day.

I was stupid enough to install an Apple update on my phone late last night which resulted in me getting only 4 hours of sleep. And the train sat idle at the station this morning. {Although, I did have a wonderful meeting with my boss.}

Back to today.

Let's be honest, us seniors just want to graduate. We just want to be done with this part of our lives. We want to move on and enter into new a season of life. We are burnt out. And we're sitting here. Waiting. AND NOTHING IS HAPPENING. We blame senioritis. We blame teachers. We blame parents.

When, in reality, we should be blaming ourselves.

Look, you and I are in the same boat, rowing the same current, trying to reach the end goal. But, we sit here, not rowing and, as a result, just drifting. We just expect somebody else to pick up the slack for us and hope we make it to the paradise island.

And that's why we're upset.

I am just ready to be done.

I've been ready.

But, I just sit here in my unproductive state and grumble and complain, asking God how much longer until He leads me to the next season in my life.

We're so focused on the end goal that we miss the opportunities around us.

I realize that I have overlooked certain relationships in my life. And, as a result, I have missed the opportunities to serve others.

We have the option to make the best use of our time these last few months of high school.

So, why don't we....

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