Thursday, March 21, 2013

This and That.

I'm *this* close to Spring Break, just a few more assignments and I'm FREE for a week {and maybe a little more}. Well, free as someone who has 90 Graduation announcements to address. Yeah. 

Anyway, this week I bit the bullet and bought a book I thought I would never buy.... order to write my gruesome and tiresome paper. 

While I was looking for something to clear my mind after two full days of writing, this popped up in my Netflix app on my phone. 

Really? That is a Father-Daughter TV Show? 

{Side Note: I'm writing a letter to ABC Family asking them to prolong the Jane by Design Series. Everyone needs a friend like Billy. And a job like Jane's.}

Meanwhile, I discovered that someone else likes my favorite TV show... 

You can tell we're just a *little* bit obsessed. 

Although I would love to carry on about Baby Daddy the rest of my life, I must return to my schoolwork. Otherwise, there will be no such thing as Spring Break in my book.

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Anonymous said...

Haha okay, so yes. Yes yes yes. Baby Daddy is amazing. I laughed WAYYY too much with Emmy- she watched it first and then watched it all over again so I could see it and experience its beauty. ;) And by "its beauty", I mean Danny. OBVIOUSLY. ;) Though I've always been terribly jealous of Chelsea Kane's hair, ever since Jonas. *cough* Yes, I watched that show too.... Don't shun me.

And I KNOWW! Jane By Design has to continue! Wait until you see the last episode, too! (Unless you already have.) It's a HORRIBLE place to end it! And there are too many guys in it...I was in love with at least three by the end and had a kind-of-brotherly crush on Ben.

Dude, writing that paper. I'm sure it'll be a sweet result. :)

On a side note, I need to bookmark your blog, because I'm the worst person in the world about remembering to check my friends' blogs. :P It's pathetic. And I like yours so much. :)

I feel like a celebrity for the screenshots, by the way. ;)