Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Teenpact Alabama I {One Day Class}

Way back in March, like 6 months ago, I staffed the first week of the Teenpact Alabama State Class. I did blog about the Staff Team, but not the week itself.

I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the week as a whole and not leave y'all hanging. ;)

I'll start with the end of the week, only because it was my favorite part. :)

For those of you that don't know, Teenpact has a One Day class specifically designed for 8-12 year olds. I went to a couple of classes several years ago and so, I absolutely loved staffing the One Day class this past year!!

Yes, that is 9 year old Giann.
She was so excited to go and little did she know that, ten years later, she would be staffing a One Day class! :)

Anyway, enough down memory lane, let's move on to the actual day.

The One Day class is not as intense as the Four Day class, but it still covers a lot of material.  

The day started with a prayer walk around the Capitol Building, followed by a scavenger hunt. 

During the Scavenger Hunt, my committee girls and I were able to tour the Governor's office! 

This was such a neat opportunity for all of us! 

fun fact: our governor will not take a salary until everyone in the state has a job. 

I even got a pencil! 
maybe I was little excited… haha 

As if the day couldn't get any more exciting, I helped lead the Alumni Track for the returning One Day students and served as Clerk during the mock legislative session!

photo credit: Mrs. Peaches

Ever since I attended the One Day class many years ago, I had always wanted to be the Clerk! You have no idea how excited I was when Christian read off the assignments the night before! It was definitely a dream come true. :) 

I did enjoy the day as a whole and leading my little committee with Zach! I hope some of the kids will consider coming back or possibly attending the Four Day class next year! 

If you have a little one between the ages of 8-12, consider attending the One Day class. I promise you will not be disappointed! 

And, in case you're wondering how us staff celebrates the end of the week, we take the traditional staff pictures and go out to dinner. 

photo credit: Christian

And we sleep, because by then you're exhausted. 

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