Monday, February 20, 2012

A Little Elementary....

Its amazing what the people of Israel had to go through to come before God's presence. I was reading Exodus 25-28 this morning and began to realize that. They had to get everything right from building specifications to their own garments. Isn't that such a contrast from today? We can come before God anytime we want to. We don't have to meet requirements. 

Then, I got to thinking. Why can God do that? I mean obviously He had a reason back then, but why can He do it today? 

One answer: Jesus. 

It all points back to Jesus Christ and what He did for us. He became the mediator. He became the bearer breaker. 

That's why we can come to God so freely now. Whenever you need Him, He's right there beside you!  

Be ever so thankful, Christian!! 

May you remember that as you go about your day/rest of the week! 

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