Thursday, September 22, 2011


Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a TeenPact Alumni event called "Back To D.C." Words can not describe this experience. I absolutely adored hanging out with some of the most amazing people and drawing closer to God at the same time!! After coming home and contemplating how to blog this adventure, I decided to write a "Thankful List." This is only the beginning..... :)

#1 Thankful for safe travels.

#2 Thankful for no delayed flights.

#3 Thankful for the laughs I had all week.

#4 Thankful that my injuries required zero stitches.

#5 Thankful for Jennifer, Mrs. Brooks, Paige, and Brenn who helped me during that time. 

#6 Thankful for Mrs. Lydia and Sarah who prayed for me and with me. 

#7 Thankful for the brokenness I experienced which allowed me to see areas of my life where I needed to change. 

#8 Thankful to God who is the God of unconditional love and faithfulness.

#9 Thankful to God who revealed to me that I can never be too far from His grace and love. 

#10 Thankful for the friends I made - Sierra, Allison, Sarah, Paige, Caleb, Hayden, Justin, Kal, Selah, Hannah C. & B., Logan....and many more... :) 

#11 Thankful for our small group which was the best! 

#12 Thankful for Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Weber who walked with me and Elias to the American History Museum. 

#13 Thankful for the entertainment of Hayden's "man" skip. 

#14 Thankful for the many pictures taken by Ashley, Allison, Paige, and Kal.

#15 Thankful for the amazement Kal had with me not ever having been to Taco Bell. And that he decided NOT to mail me a taco from Taco Bell. 

#16 Thankful to God who had the people and week picked out before time began. 

#17 Thankful for the bonding time Me, Lainey, Sarah, and Anderson had in the airport. 

#18 Thankful for Taylor's entertaining text messages and calling me by the name I can't stand, Gigi. 

#19 Thankful for the freedom to worship in our nation's capital right outside the Lincoln Memorial. 

#20 Thankful for the club music that lasted only two nights!! 

#21 Thankful for the notes I received on my back! (Those so were so sweet y'all)

Part 2 to come.......

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